Pay Anyone, Anywhere

This new payment option allows you to make payments to anyone in the world, without having to deal with bank transaction fees or conversion rates. It’s a fast, safe and easy payment transfer option.

Simply choose ‘pay anyone anywhere’ to make your payment.

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We developed a mobile app that will allow you to send money in the comfort of your own home.

The interface is user-friendly which will allow you to navigate the features withease.The goal is to help you execute tasks or enjoy our services remotely and conveniently.


We created an interactive and dynamic website where you can make transactions locally and internationally.We also customize the website design to cater to your specific needs and requirements.The aim is to fuse aesthetics and functionality in one.


Some customers might not be comfortable making the transaction themselves,so we also set up an Agent Portal Shop where we can process the transaction on the customer’s behalf and their beneficiary will receive the payment in real-time.

The goal of these 3 platforms – mobile app, website, and Agent Portal Shop is to provide top-rate service and convenience to our customers.

The most secure, easy and fast way to transfer money is to use a money transfer service.

A money transfer specialist with thousands of locations across Bangladesh for cash pick-up, Mobile wallet (Bkash) and bank deposit.

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